Our Quality Promise

We have been producing jams, jellies, cheese specialties and sauces according to old house recipes since 1973. The quality of the products and the naturalness of the ingredients are our top priority.

The high and constant product quality of our jams, sauces and cheese has been deeply anchored in our company philosophy for three generations and is an important part of our corporate mission statement.

When purchasing, we attach great importance to close, long-term supplier relationships so that the high quality standards we demand can be guaranteed without compromise. It is important to us that the entire supply chain can be produced under ethical conditions.

We ensure product safety through precisely defined recipes, controlled manufacturing conditions, coordinated specifications, regular analyzes, contact samples and, last but not least, through satisfied, motivated employees. Quality, hygiene and product safety awareness is continuously promoted through regular training.

Our company is certified according to IFS (International Food Standard, Version 8, higher level) in order to meet the high demands of consumers and retailers. The conformity of the products and the food safety is lived by a strict quality management system and checked by external bodies (SQS, customer audits, cantonal food inspection).

Our products stand out visually and in terms of taste from mainstream goods. We achieve this through the careful selection of produce, the manufacturing process according to our "homemade" creen, through traditional recipes, our small batch sizes, and a lot of manual work.

In short: Our goal is to manufacture products, just like the grandmother does. We don't follow every trend, but produce products that we are fully committed to and that we enjoy ourselves with joy and pride.