since more than 40 years

The love for food and its production has been flowing through the veins of the Ottiger family for a long time.
Walter Ottiger Senior as well as his son Walter Ottiger began making Emmental cheese in the Lucerne Seetal. In search of new ideas, Walter Ottiger created a nut and cheese specialty that can still be found in retail today, 50 years later. Back then, the raw cheese was decorated with nuts at home. This enabled numerous of housewives to improve their household budget, under the direction of Grandma Rösli.
1974Die Anfänge
Hausfrauen bei der Handarbeit an einfachen Holztischen im Keller
The cheese is still refined by hand today, however under the strict required hygienic framework conditions, such as keeping the cold chain.

But how did the jam get the upper hand at the Ottiger family?

The innovative Walter Ottiger further expanded his ideas and, in addition to cheese production, also ran a cheese trade, which also sold a variety of jam. This beloved orange jam, made according to an old English recipe, found its way to rural Ballwil in 1973. After the original producer retired, he sold his recipe to Walter Ottiger. The foundation was thus laid for the production of numerous types of jam.

Walter Ottiger Senior supported his son‘s ideas, hung the cheese apron on the hook and from then on produced the delicious jams in a converted car garage. At 4:00 am, long before the annoying wasps became active, the ingredients bubbled in the saucepans. Around noon, to protect the relatively unstable power grid, the production ended with a common Coffee Schnapps..

As the company grew larger, with an acute lack of space increasingly strict hygienic requirements, the two departments were merged in a new building in 1988.

Thanks to Walter Ottiger's generous and foresighted way of thinking, we can still count on two employees from this time and still have the opportunity to produce at the same location.
2000Three generations
Walter Ottiger sen., Walter Ottiger jun., Carmen Ottiger
Katja Ottiger
In 2000 Walter Ottiger handed over the business to his two, but very young, daughters Carmen and Katja. You could not have imagined a better handover to the next generation. Thanks to his extraordinary trust in his daughters, he was able to completely withdraw from day-to-day business and provide advice and assistance in demanding situations.

Twenty years later, the business is still run by Katja Ottiger. Many hurdles were overcome, the market environment became rougher, requirements for hygiene, traceability and security, to name just a few, were continuously tightened. Today's management owes its successful existence and constant growth to the solid foundations laid by Grandfahter Ottgier, Walter Ottgier and the many long-term employees who have always pulled together and faced all challenges.

The joint pursuit of goals with our employees made an outstanding conversion in production possible in 2019, as well as the integration of a new filling line and this without delivery bottlenecks.

With this in mind, we continue to do our best to let tradition live on in a modern environment..

1982 Handmade
Walter Ottiger sen. bottling jam
1988At home in Ballwil
Our production plant has been in the Lucerne Seetal since 1988
1992Lid capper
When stainless steel was not yet as important in a production environment
1998Open pots
The first generation of our custom made pots
2000A bew millenium
The third generation takes over
2006Work break
When celebrations and eating were still allowed in the packaging department