Where do our ingredients come from?

The quality and taste of the ingredients are decisive factors for a perfect jam. In order to actively support the cultivation of Swiss fruits, we rely on domestic ingredients wherever possible.

When it comes to imported ingredients, the taste and quality are decisive for us.

Ingredients from Switzerland

While Swiss sugar is available in sufficient quantities, it is not always easy to find enough Swiss fruit for the industry.

In cooperation with local farmers, we therefore try to promote the cultivation of well-growing varieties such as quinces, rhubarb, cherries, strawberries or plums.

Ingredients from Europe

For fruits and berries that are not available in sufficient quantity or quality in Switzerland, we source our raw materials from the countries and regions in which the tastiest and juiciest of them grow.

What grows where?

For berries, this is mainly the Scandinavian and Eastern European region, citrus fruits are supplied to us from sunny Spain, peaches find their way to us from Greece and the figs thrive particularly well in Turkey.

Weather, crop fluctuations and climate change

Since our ingredients are natural products, fluctuations in crop quality and quantity can occur depending on the weather.

We rely on the experience and know-how of our long-standing suppliers to monitor the weather situation in the growing regions year after year, so that we can get enough ingredients of the desired quality from high-yield areas if necessary.

Incidentally, the second main ingredient for our jams and jellies – the sugar – is fully sourced from Switzerland.

Transparency and traceabiliy

Transparency is important to us. That is why, even where this is not mandatory, we consistently publish the origin of our fruits.


From Greece, Serbia and Switzerland


From Switzerland, Spain and Israel


From Poland and Switzerland


From Turkey


From Serbia, Bosnia and Switzerland


From Scandinavia


From Poland


From Switzerland and Greece


From Switzerland, mostly even from Ballwil, as well as Spain and Turkey


From Switzerland

Passion Fruit

From Ecuador


From Italy

Citrus Fruits

From Spain and Italy


From Serbia and Switzerland


From Switzerland (organic sugar: Switzerland and Germany)

Quinces: a recipe for successQuinces are hard and labour intensive to process, and the tree population is in constant danger from being decimated by the dreaded fire blight. We aim to counter this development by buying fresh quinces every autumn, directly both from private tree owners and farmers.